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8 Fantastic Tips For BBQ Cleaning

Cleaning Your BBQ Is Important

Cleaning your barbecue is essential.

Keeping a grill clean means you can cook better with a more efficient heat transfer.

Cooking on a clean grill will also create stronger purer flavours as the residue from foods cooked previously on the barbecue won't muddle the what is being cooked currently.

A good habit to develop before you start cooking anything on the barbecue is to give the grill a good brush of cooking oil to enrich flavours and avoid any cross contamination from foods cooked prior.

It is recommended that from time to time, a deep cleaning of your barbecue is done to ensure it is at its best.

Here are 8 cleaning tips that will help you out during cleaning process.

bbq cleaning bbq cleaning

TIP 1:


Many of us drink coffee daily but you might not know that coffee makes a great cleaning agent due to its acidity!

 If you are having trouble with stubborn grease stains, brew some coffee to fill up your kitchen sink with, and then let your grills, plates, and utensils soak for around 10-15 minutes.

 Then boom! The grime should come right off!

TIP 2:


Not only are onions great for cooking on the barbie to infuse flavour into your food to make people hungry but also can be used after the cook to get your barbecue squeaky clean.

 To clean your barbecue using onions, make sure there is still some heat left on the grill, and then put half an onion on the end of some tongs or a fork and rub the onion all over the grill.

 The heat will cause the moisture in the onion to steam out over the grill, effectively achieving a steam clean on your barbecue!

dish washing

TIP 3:

Dish Washing!

Easy, simple, and smart!

 Although not everyone does this, unless you are packing a massive BBQ in your backyard, almost all plates and grills should be able to fit nicely into your kitchen sink!

 Therefore, you can clean them the traditional way!

TIP 4:

Steam Cleaning!

Want to steam clean your barbie but you accidentally ate the half onion you were saving to clean the grill?

 Never fear, wet newspaper is here!

 When you are finished using your barbecue, you can place some wet newspaper inside and close the lid for around 30 mins!

 After that, you've just successfully steam-cleaned your BBQ!

steam cleaning

TIP 5:

Vinegar Be Cleanin' Ya!

Sometimes a little rhyme is the best way to remove the grime…

 But really, try mixing equal parts water and vinegar into a spray bottle, then spray the surface of the barbecue and let it rest for 10 minutes!

 Whilst you wait, empty the bottle and refill with only vinegar, and after 10 mins get spraying and scrubbing! The grime should melt away!

TIP 6:

Olive Oil!

Have a little rust issue on your BBQ? 

Try and get some olive oil and give your barbecue a quick wipe-over after you have finished cleaning it!

This will seal up the grills and stops oxidization.

olive oil
baking soda

TIP 7:

Baking Soda!

To enhance the vinegar cleaning mixture, add a tablespoon of baking soda and that should do the trick! 

Wait an hour and now scrub and clean as normal.

 The baking soda solution would have broken down the grease and grime, making it super easy to clean!

TIP 8:


If you have been too busy cooking up a feast and left with half a bottle of warm beer, then you are in luck!

 Just pour that sucker onto a warm BBQ at the end of a cook then get scrubbing with some newspaper or a wire brush and in no time, that baby will be clean!