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The Shelta range of furniture is designed to be used as simple use furniture – chairs are for sitting on, not standing on, tables are for placing meals, banquettes and drinks, not persons. When placing multiple or heavy items on the table always try to place them balanced (from the centre out) depending on the leg design, placing heavy items on one side of the table may cause it to fall over.

Please follow care instructions carefully and do not use any item of furniture that shows signs of rust or (in cases of timber products) any timber splitting. It is important to maintain the furniture to keep it in a functional state.

Shelta aluminium tables and chair frames should be hosed regularly with fresh water to remove dust, salt and contaminants such as chlorine. Avoid contact with water from swimming pools as salt and chlorine can cause corrosion of metal components even when in close proximity.

All outdoor furniture will deteriorate if exposed to sunlight for long periods. A little extra care will allow you to get the best performance from your Shelta furniture and umbrellas. When not in use, we recommend that you cover chairs and tables with a Protective Cover. If possible, store your furniture in a dry, shaded location.

While aluminium will take a long time to wear, in a lot of cases, Decades, Cushions need special care if they are to last as long. But no need to throw out your furniture because of worn, faded or outdated cushions. Cushions can be replaced.

Aluminium tables and chair frames should be hosed regularly with fresh water to remove dust, salt and contaminants. Avoid contact with water from swimming pools as salt and chlorine can cause corrosion of metal components.

Textmesh slings and synthetic wicker can be washed with a mixture of PH Neutral detergent and warm water using a soft brush; then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Olefin cushions can be gently hand washed using detergent and warm water; then rinse and allow to dry. Soiling can be minimised by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric, wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning soon after stains occur.

Shelta has used many different types of timbers for our range of Umbrellas and our Furniture range.

Most of our timbers are treated with either a varnish or a sealer that should stop the natural process of TANNIN Leaching or Bleeding. However, it is not always possible to prevent this even with treatment. Also, the natural process of rotting where timber is exposed to the elements for periods of time is unavoidable. Timbers fade in colour if they are not preserved so treating your timber with a varnish or a sealer is always a good idea especially if you plan to leave it in the elements.

Some timbers people want that weathered look; Such as Teak.
Teak is a natural timber that contains Tannin. Tannin; also called tannic acids, are a group of phenolic compounds in wood that gives it colour. Teak also has Tannins that can leach or bleed from the ends of the timbers during periods of water absorption. This is perfectly natural and even with the best sealers, if water gets into the fibres, they will bleed the tannin onto whatever is under the timber.

Teak starts out with a natural Honey colour to it.
Depending on how much tannin is bleached out through the process of a) water absorption and drying which causes bleeding and b) bleaching caused by exposure to UV; the Teak takes on a more silvery colour (or Natural weathered look).

Some people like the Honey look, and some people like the weathered look. Fortunately, with Teak, you can have it however you want it.

To keep the new look Teak simply purchase and apply a good quality teak sealer to your furniture once a year. This is the same process you would need to use to rejuvenate an old teak wooden deck. Do not use store-bought teak oils. For best results speak to the paint sections specialists at your hardware store.

First – Clean the teak with a nylon scrubbing brush, some mild washing detergent in water (about 1ml per Litre). This will remove any surface contaminants that would prevent the product from being absorbed by the timber.

Then – Let the timber dry in the sun.
Finally – Apply the sealer as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Do not use Teak oil. This will not be effective on outdoor furniture.
Do not use steel wool. Fibres will embed in the wood and cause later staining through rust.

To make your Teak look like it has been weathered you can simply leave it out in the weather and let mother nature do all the hard work for you. Just keep in mind that materials under the furniture will wear some of the leached tannin, this may pose a staining risk.

If you want your timber weathered faster you could apply some bleach to the teak. Be careful not to get the bleach anywhere near any ferrous materials (metal) because bleach and chlorine are strong oxidisers and will rust anything that comes into contact with it. Best to lay down a tarp to protect your pavers or floor.

First – Clean the teak with a nylon scrubbing brush and detergent and water.
Do not use steel wool. Fibres will embed in the wood and rust when you apply bleach

Next – Apply a concentration of bleach 1:20 – of course, retail purchased bleaches do vary in strength.

Then – Leave it for about 2 hours in the sun and hose it off. (Leave it longer if it’s not so sunny)

After – In a weeks time (after the sun has worked some magic) you can repeat these steps. Each time you do it will lighten the wood.

Fibres of wood can sometimes stand up after being wet. You can use a piece of 180-220 grit sandpaper (rubbing with the grain, not against it) to remove these burs – while the wood is dry.

Furniture UV Rating
Please see individual product swing warranties for information about abuse, wind damage and normal wear and tear guarantee exclusions. Also product care, cleaning, service and return instructions.
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